Half-Life 3 was one of many projects Valve canceled over the last decade


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In a nutshell: Will we ever see Half-Life 3? It’s a question that gamers have been asking for a long time. There once was, however, a version of the game in development, but it joined the long list of Valve’s canceled projects.

The revelation came in ‘Half-Life: Alyx – Final Hours,’ an interactive storybook written by Geoff Keighley that examines the last decade of game development by Valve Software. It lists several canceled games that Valve worked on between the end of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and VR title Half-Life: Alyx.

The most notable of these shelved games is Half-Life 3, which sounds quite different from its predecessors. Created in the Source 2 engine, it drew gameplay inspiration from Left 4 Dead, featuring procedurally generated levels, enemy placements, and scenarios. Valve even scanned G-Man actor Frank Sheldon so his likeness could appear in the game, but the unfinished Source 2 and the challenge of building shooters in the engine meant the project was scrapped.

Other canceled titles include a Morocco-set Left 4 Dead 3 that was also canned because of the unfinished Source 2 engine. There was an RPG that drew inspiration from The Elder Scrolls/Dark Souls/Monster Hunter, a Half-Life-themed VR shooter that would have been part of The Lab (Valve’s free VR mini-game collection from 2016), a VR project set on the time-travelling Borealis ship seen in Half-Life 2, a Minecraft-like voxel game called A.R.T.I, and another Left 4 Dead game codenamed Hot Dog to disguise the fact it was a L4D title.

As for whether we ever will see a Half-Life 3, Keighley said that much of the team would like to work on a large, non-VR Half-Life game, but the scale of such a project is a concern. One bit of good news is that the success of Alyx means Valve is “not afraid of Half-Life no more.” There’s also a “top secret project” in development at the company that’s been ongoing since 2018.

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The hype train for Hal-life 3 is literally too long to tame at this point. They could release the greatest game ever to be made - past, present, or future - and it wouldn't be good enough. Half-Life 3 is too many things to too many people to ever get a well-received game. It is kind of like how they could just never bring back Firefly: you broke up with an ex due to circumstance, and while you still like each other, you can never go back to the way things were.

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Valve certainly doesn't understand the first rule of commercial enterprise, "give the public what they want" and to say that parts of a new engine were too challenging ... sounds pretty lame to me. I wonder what my commander would have said to me in El Salvador if I told him "hey, these guys are too challenging, I'm going back to the Officers Club" ...... I know each older generation says the younger generation is just too soft, but for programmers to admit such a thing is the best reason I've heard yet to just toss my cookies and go back to checkers ......
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And until I get hl3 I refuse to buy any new project valve creates period, they want me to buy a product they make in the future, then Gabe better get off his *** and make Half Life3.


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The company hasn’t got the balls to do it, they are afraid they might mess it up and the public say hurtful things about them. Anyway why bother? Steam is taking 30% of the money paid for everyone else’s games and people seem to love them for it.


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"featuring procedurally generated levels, enemy placements, and scenarios"

That's all we need to know about why it was canned!