Halo 2 for pc

By Efritt
Nov 16, 2004
  1. Hello everybody. I'm big fan of halo and I'm wating for the release of halo 2 for pc I herd it would come out in February along with other cool games from x-box and PS2 but nobody knows. Microsoft guys, is there anybody out there working on it. We're wating!!!!
    So when you got news from halo 2 for pc post me...please!!! I'm starting to get crazy with all the wating...bye
  2. denny3650

    denny3650 TS Rookie

    Halo to for pc

    I herd you wanted some information about halo 2 for the pc. halo 2 will come out for pc being that fact that halo 2 is a microsoft game halo 2 for xbox is not much of a diffrence from the pc version just a diffrent format for it to work on the pc. they may already be making copis of halo for pc but havent published it. they are waiting to sell a bit more halo (part 1) games for pc before they realese halo (he do that becouse they now that when they publish halo 2 no one will buy part 1 anymore) so dont worry about it sooner or later it will be realesed for the pc. i will put here the minimum system requrements for halo 2 for pc (i warn you you must have a powerfull gaming computer for halo 2)

    pentium 3,4 or amd athlon 1500+
    256 mb memory (512 recommended)
    64MB video card (128Mb beter or 256Mb fore best performance) directx 9.0 compatible
    directx 9.0 compatible sound card (nvidia or sound blaster for best performance)
  3. HoopaJoop

    HoopaJoop TS Rookie Posts: 90

    I herd sheep!

    No, no I kid.

    Halo 2 for PC will most likely not come out for at LEAST another year. Microsoft is making too much money from the xbox one in addition to all the new xbox live subscriptions.
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