Halo hosting probs

By 420MouseMan
Mar 2, 2009
  1. alright so check this out,
    ive been haveing the same prob. ive tried everything from closing my firewall down to making a dedicated server. nothing worked. i think i might have figured out wuts wrong. so i read when u have a wireless router, the router sends an IP made up by itself and for some reason or another people cant join it. the IP is something like 192.XXX.XXX any IP starting with 192 is made by a wireless router. now i found my real IP and its somthing like 72.XXX.XXX.XX. when u make a game on halo, it shows u wut the server IP is gonna be, right. mine shows the 192.XXX.XXX IP.
    now my question is how do i change the 192.XXX.XXX IP to the 72.XXX.XXX.XX IP.
    if ne one can help it would be much appreciated
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