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Halo(PC) Mouse Problem

By klkinc
Mar 4, 2005
  1. Howdy all.
    I am having trouble with my mouse in Halo (PC). :confused:
    The problem is this:
    When I ue the mouse to look/Move it sticks.
    It looks side to side fine but it stick when I look up and down.
    Anybody esle have this problem?
    I have a Logiteck Tracman and also a regulat 4 button optical mouse, it does it on both.
    The mouse is fine on all other games and apps so I know its not my mouse.
    Imm running AMD Ath 2800, 712mb pc3200,fx5700 256mb. I have all the upto date drivers, patches, no running programs or spyware virus ect..
    can anyone help me?
    thanks all
  2. knuckleball

    knuckleball TS Rookie Posts: 60

    try changing your video settings in the game. sounds like a lag issue to me
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