Happy Birthday: The ThinkPad turns 20 years old today

Shawn Knight

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Lenovo is celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the ThinkPad today by releasing a collection of classic media designed to guide consumers along a trip down memory lane. The ThinkPad line, named after a classic notepad given to IBM employees...

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Per Hansson

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I've got a Thinkpad T40 It's a great laptop!
Upgraded CPU to Pentium M 765 2.1Ghz & RAM to 2GB, it works really well :)
I still use my R31 & R32 Thinkpads still today. Solid as a rock. only gripe. Plastic was inferior and always cracked by hinges. But other than that superb.


Still using my W700 , looking to get a w530 soon, anyone know the best time they offer their discount deals


[SIZE=13px][FONT=lucida grande]Here is some legit "revolutionary" and "innovative" piece of equipment not some apple crap..[/FONT][/SIZE]
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I wish the guy with the camera wasn't drunk. The constant swaying in the video makes me seasick, I can't actually see any details of the old models, it's worse than MTV.


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My first laptop (after I left the smaller alternatives like the Psion 5mx) was a used Thinkpad X21 I bought on eBay and whose disk IBM restored to the factory setting for me for free (because it came with an unlicensed Windows XP and I didn't like that). I currently have a Thinkpad X120e.

I hate touchpads and I love the trackpoint. To me that's a big selling point, which is why the Thinkpad is always a good choice for me. My Fujitsu P1510D, my previous small laptop, also had one.