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  1. Presently my PC has win-10 build 10240 installed & is working Ok.
    However I propose to install the new skylake motherboard, CPU & DDR4 RAM in the next 2 weeks' time.
    Obviously that means I'll have to re-install win-10. How do I do it??
    1st option: Can I install build 10130 afresh & then upgrade to 10240 -- OR ---
    2nd option: Using new migration tool download the full 4GB file afresh & then install.

    My personal understanding / feel is 1st option will be better but don't know if the 10130 build will install / what about its expiry date, etc. 2nd option is not easy as my boot SSD will be totally Blank after hardware is fully changed. I may not be aware but there could be some other process as well.

    Request all my friends on Techspot to pls help me out by giving a quick solution / reply to me. Sure someone would have done similar activity & their experience will help me be better prepared in the matter. Thanks in advance.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Yes you can start with the older version, and use Windows update to get to the current version... Windows 10 version 10240 was the last version before the retail release on July 29. I installed it and the Windows version now just says Windows 10 Pro
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