Hardware or Driver issue?

By Mudshark
Dec 7, 2004
  1. I am having a problem trying to get Quake3 running on one of my
    It starts up..but it's "jerky" abd the sound seems to "repeat or echo"
    all the movement is all jerky too.

    heres the specs:

    WinXP Pro SP1 .... Fresh install plus all M$ "must have patches"
    Mid Tower ATX Case 400 Watt
    ABIT KD7-Raid
    XP 2800+ Thornton 333FSB OEM & VANTEC AeroFlow VA4-C7040
    Samsung DDR333 512MB (2.5 3 3 7 T2)
    AGP Leadtek GF2 Ultra 128MB 3ns DDR, BLORB Cooling Kit.
    Philips Dynamic Edge Sound card
    Onboard NIC
    Onboard HighPoint 372 ATA133 RAID
    2X Maxtor 40GB EIDE ATA133
    HP300i DVD/RW 8/24/48
    Generic 104 Win98 KB
    MS Explorer Optical Mouse v3.0

    I have the latest drivers for the soundcard, HighPoint, NIC and
    VIA Chipset, the Video card is using 41.09 XP drivers (nVidia ref.)
    wich are just fine for an older card like this.... I've only ever used
    40.41 and this one, 41.09 on this card.

    I had all this kit in another case that was running W2K Pro SP4
    with a XP2600+ 226 FSB and a no-name brand crappy sound card
    ................and Quake3 ran fine.
    the rest of the system seems to work fine - Quake2 runs fine as well.
    This has me baffled.... any help please :D

    I guess jerky is the wrong word. Movement and sound sort of has a
    Rhythm, it comes in "pulses" if you fire the shotgun you hear:
    bang...bang...bang .... at least 5 times and the visual of the shot
    is "jerky" in time with the sound....???
    Performance improves (slightly) when crappy visual qulity is selected.
    Oh yes, it's running Directx 8.1
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