Have a virus - did 8 steps, don't know what to do

By tob1303
Feb 24, 2009
  1. Alright, so I'm not very savvy. I followed the 8 step program and don't believe it has worked. I ran the AntiVir PE classic, I ran CCleaner, I ran Malawarebytes...and I ran Hijack this...I attached the hijackthis log file i believe. I really am not good at this stuff.

    I was basis surfing last night and all of a sudden the blue screen popper up. Error said, "Stop: 0x 00008086 and then I didn't have time to see the rest but it has a lot of 0x000000000 over and over again type stuff. Now each time I start up in normal mode, it'll start all the programs and occasionally I can get a couple files open but if I try anything substantial it blue screens. I can work in safe mode fine, but that's it.

    Please help.
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