Having trouble installing The Sims Deluxe Edition

By ARZ246
Mar 20, 2006
  1. I bought this game and installed it without a problem then I uninstalled it for awhile. I went back to re-install it so my niece could play it and it won't let me install it.

    The funny thing is if I go into my computer to the add/remove programs it has The Sims listed but if you click that you want to remove it...it starts trying to install it first. This would normally not be a problem but it gets to about 25% installed and then I keep getting the same error message (The Remote Procedure Call Failed).

    I have no idea what this means or what the heck is going on with my computer. Any help that anyone could give would be very appreciated!!! My niece is dying to play the game and even I would like to play it again but we are clueless! Please Help!
  2. Sowelu

    Sowelu TS Rookie

    That's so wierd, because I'm having the exact same problem. Yesterday I went to play The Sims so I put in my CD but instead of saying play it said install so I went to add/remove programs and Deluxe and Makin Magic were both installed, so I tried to uinstall them but it ended up installing them so I had to do the eraser thing, and now whenever I try to reinstall Deluxe it stops at 25%. It's soo annoying.
  3. mailpup

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    The game is probably not completely removed from your system. Try the steps listed at the Sims Website here.
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