having trouble staying connected to the internet?? help

By computerkid
May 14, 2006
  1. ok i just bought all new stuff...I am currently running comcast high speed internet that is connected to my linksys router. Now i have 2 computers one is connected directly to the modem and the other is run wirelessly. The one thats wireless is the one im having the problems with. I have a matching linksys PCI adaptor (54Mbps) (2.4 GHz) into my wireless computer. now when im connected it runs fine but then suddenly i lose connection and when i click on the wirless connection manager and press the "refrsh wireless list" it shows that there is no current wireless router available. But i know there is because i was just on it. So i thought that it was the internet that kept sutting down but its not its just the wireless. now my computer in sitting in a boxed in area on my desk ..is that a problem? and my house has many turns and things could that be the reason why it keeps losing connection? Also i dont know if tyhis is a problem but everytime i press repair wireless near the end of the prcess it stops and an error comes up it says that there is some problem "clearing the DNS cache" i dont know what that is. but it doesnt really matter because its there everytime and sometime it fixes the problem sometime it dosnt. please help i need to fix this.
  2. Samstoned

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    go to router and disable dhcp
    you may be getting error in address updates
    make all net static ip
    you know the drill do search for proper config of ip address's
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