HBO Max ad-supported plan will cost $10/mo, but won't include same-day theatrical premieres

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A glaring omission: Worth mentioning is the fact that Warner Bros. films that premiere in theaters and on the ad-free tier on the same day are excluded from the ad-supported tier, at least through 2021. Of course, with theaters reopening and some studios seemingly set to abandon their controversial dual-release plans, this could be a non-issue in the not-too-distant future.

HBO Max will soon be more affordable, so long as you can stomach a bit of advertising.

During its virtual Upfront event, WarnerMedia announced that HBO Max will debut its ad-supported subscription tier early next month. Whereas the existing ad-free version of HBO Max is priced at $14.99 per month, the new ad-supported tier will command just $9.99 a month.

The streaming platform said it is immediately committed to having the lightest ad load in the streaming industry.

For the uninitiated, an HBO Max subscription affords access to content from HBO, Warner Bros., DC, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network, among others.

It was announced just days ago that AT&T was offloading WarnerMedia, and that it would be merging with Discovery to create a new streaming platform. It’s unclear how that move will impact HBO Max’s catalog of content moving forward.

HBO also announced that it'll be bringing its Max subscription service (the ad-free version) to 39 additional countries across the Caribbean and Latin America in late June.

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Another example to throw on the mountainous pile of evidence that the suits who run these behemoth companies truly have no idea what the hell they are doing.

Ad supported without Day and Date theater releases should be no more than $5/month or it'll be DOA. Many would say it should be free.

I can see only one possible function of this model: it's there precisely because it is such a bad option it makes the regular $15/month, no ads with day/date theater releases look like a FAR better deal.