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Aug 9, 2012
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  1. right so I wanted to ask if you guys know any good psu's that have at least over 600w and has a 8 pin pci-e connector and is for a low price so up to abouts £50-60 and another thing I wanted to ask is if I have 2 4 pin connector's can I use it as a 8 pin ?
  2. xcylent

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    There are a few nice PSU's on the market which would fulill your requirements. Since you listed your currency as Pounds, I assume you are from the UK, and therefore will recommend the website www.scan.co.uk
    anyway, here are some eligible Power Supplies:

    1. this Corsair GS-600W for £58.32 inc. VAT
    2. this Silverstone Strider 600W for £59.52 inc. VAT
    3. this BeQuiet L7 630W for £54.76 inc. VAT

    I personally would go with the Corsair GS-600, because it can support SLI/CF, is 80plus certified, and has a nice quiet Blue LED fan.
    Plus I happen to have used two of their HX-650W PSU's both in my rig and a friend's rig, and to this day they are still supplying a nice clean flow of power. Corsair is renowned for it's reliability ;).

    The GS-600 is, however, non-modular. But then again, for £50 one may be hard-pressed to find a nice reliable 600W+ modular PSU.

    as for your 2x4 pin question, I'm not sure, unfortunately. However I suppose someone else will comment, hopefully with an answer.
  3. erik2041999

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    Thanks for replying xcylent and thank youvery much for giving m some nice options but I have one more question lets say I got the corsair GS-600w would it be enough for th 6970 when it is overclocked and also would it be enoough if I got a 6990 ? And once again I am so happy that somone replied :)
    So I was snoopin around on the website and I found one that might probbably be just perfect but can you please have a look at it because it's a bit confusing with this one and I dont know if it has a 8 pin ?
  4. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

  5. xcylent

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    No worries man, we're here to help.
    anyway, the GS-600 would handle any single card you can think of. Although if you were looking for a CF/SLI setup in the future it may not be quite enough.

    anyway, those two PSU's you mentioned seem a bit... iffy.. to me.
    I haven't heard of 'Powercool' Power supplies, and by nature I'm wary of lesser-known brands because they tend to be not as reliable and made out of cheaper components.
    anyway, I took a look at a few reviews, and I was kinda right. People haven't been very positive about the Powercool PSU's.
    even then, I'm going with my gut here and giving you some valuable advise: Do not cheap out on the PSU.
    most people who do that end up regretting it very quickly. a nice reliable PSU is vital, especially if you're using higher-end components, which I'm sure you'd rather not have zapped by an unruly no-name PSU.
    If I were you'd I'd stay away from lesser-known brands (don't put much trust into random online reviews either because they may be biased), and stick with the more reliable brands. I'll go ahead and list some:
    (these are off the top of my head so forgive me if I forget a few)
    - Corsair
    - Seasonic
    - Antec
    - Silverstone
    - Coolermaster

    These brands are probably the go-to if you want reliablility.

    if you have any further questions please feel free to ask away!
  6. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

    Thanks again and I have decided that I am going to get this one as I am getting a powercolor 6990 and that requires 2 8 pin connectors which this one has and also it is a cooler master http://www.scan.co.uk/products/850w...silver-sli-crossfire-eps12v-super-quiet-fan-a
    so I know that I am asking so much but do you know any good cases with loads of space or at least with enough space to fit the 6990 so far I have two I mind that I like and that are good. so this is the first case http://www.scan.co.uk/products/ther...lflux-water-cooling-built-in-large-modular-ca
    and this is the second one http://www.scan.co.uk/products/nzxt...-with-2x120mm-and-1x140mm-fans-usb-30-w-o-psu
    do you know any better ones or any other ones like these and please tell me what you think of the psu. And also can you please tell me if you can get a powercolor 4gb gddr5 for less than £650 asi will all together have to pay at most £900 with the case gpu ram and bd-rom. by the way I want to ask if there is any way I can thank you as you were kind to reply :)
  7. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

    and also thanks for the website it's a really great website.
  8. Leeky

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    I'd spent a couple of quid more and get the much better Corsair HX-850 instead personally. It also comes with a seven year warranty.

    The Level 10 is seriously expensive for what you get. The following are all good cases that fill easily fit a HD 6990:

    1. Corsair Obsidian 800D -- £227.76
    2. Corsair Obsidian 650D -- £141.18
    3. Coolermaster Cosmos II Ultra -- £294.14
    4. Coolermaster HAF X -- £129.53
    5. Silverstone Raven 3 -- £104.44

    Personally, I think the HD 6990 is a waste of money. A GTX 670 would be a much better prospect, or a HD7970, or a GTX680.

    What games do you play, and at what resolutions? Anything less than 1080p at ultra settings and all four GPUs are a waste. Also, what is the hardware specs of the rest of your system?

    The whole system needs to be up to the task of running these GPUs. You'll see bottlenecks in performance otherwise.
  9. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

    My rig currently has a i7 920 2.6ghz but I am going to upgrade and xfx 6770 8gb ram 2 hard drives= 1.1tb memory and 2 dvd-rom's and a atx g7 780w psu but I thought it was time to upgrade so yeah and I play all the new games like cod mw3 but also arma 2 as that has beutifull graphics and even old games like 10-8 years back and I play them on 1920x1080 but I never use anti aliasing or vsync as it caused me problems in the past. And thanks for replying as well and thanks for the recomendations anyway what I want is a gpu that has everything on the maximum in the video settings in game and I want to get 60 fps and over all the time I never want it to drop below 60fps only maybe on very stressfull games maybe. so I want to get the best quality nicest image out of every game but get over 60 fps all the time and also get the most fps out of the games. Do you know any good gpu's for that also I play it on a 42 inch tv
  10. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

    I also know that the 6990 is well over a fair price for it but I want it because of the power and to get the great gameplay out of it :) also I looked around everywhere and there is nothing more powerfull than this except the 690 which I am not getting as that is too over priced
  11. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

    so do you know any good gpu's that can do that ?
  12. slh28

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    I would absolutely not recommend the 6990, it's expensive, older generation tech and very very loud. You don't need anywhere near a 6990 or GTX 690 to play MW3 at 1080p. A GTX 670 or 7950 will easily get you 60fps+ at that resolution and will be much quieter and cooler. Plus you don't have to worry about Crossfire issues or scaling because the 6990 is a dual GPU card.

    Don't cheap out on the PSU, go for those brands which xcylent listed. The power rating of the PSU doesn't tell you anything about the quality of the PSU and bad ones won't output anywhere near their claimed wattage anyway.
  13. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

    the thing is that I play gta iv and far cry 2 just cause 2 and arma 2 battlefield 3 and the kind of stressfull games on maximum settings. so I want get the best quality and as well get 60 fps and over all the time and make sure that it doesnt dip even in the intense parts. and they are the games that I want to get 60 fps on and over all the time could I ask would there be any point of me getting the 680 or 7970
  14. slh28

    slh28 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,706   +172

    BF3 is the most GPU intensive game out of all those you listed, and from personal experience a 7970 will comfortably get you a consistent 60fps at 1080p at ultra settings.

    Given the price premiums of the 680 and 7970 they're not really great value. For example the 680 costs about 30% more than the 670 and definitely won't give you 30% more performance. At current prices I'd get a 7950 for £250 and overclock it (they OC very nicely), I think AMD are still running the promotion where you get 3 free games as well.
  15. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

    nice and thank you for replying can I ask has the 680 got 2 8 pin connectors?
  16. slh28

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    The reference 680 uses 2x 6 pins (it's a very power efficient card!), but non-reference or overclocked versions might use 1x 6 pin and 1x 8 pin, same with the 670. Any half-decent PSU will have those connectors.
  17. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 32

    ok thanks :)

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