HD access 4-5 sec, game freezes, unfreezes then reapeats...HELP

By TheMishKin
Jul 21, 2007
  1. Hi all, hope you guys/gals can help me solve this weird problem.
    When playing games, the hard drive constantly gets accessed & freezes up the game. This access will last 4-5 seconds, then the game unfreezes for 10 seconds, then the whole thing repeats itself, constantly. Does not happen when playing videos or when running any other programs, just 3D.

    Asus a7s333
    Radeon AIW 800xl
    1gb Ram
    Athlon 2100
    Nec Multisync 90GX2 lcd
    SoundBlaster Live Value

    Did the usual, all new drivers, virus scans, mallware, adware, defraged etc...
    Have no idea what this problem is.
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