HD Cloning problem in Booting

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I recently bought 2 120 WD SATA and raid 0'ed them. I think everything is Ok in my installation.

So here's the problem.. I cloned my original HD using Norton Ghost 9.0 and it copied it exactly but when booting in my SATA (OLD HD is removed) with the Cloned OS from my old HD booting stops before the User log-in. All I see is a blue color with the WInXP and its logo, the window that usually apears before logging in. I think everything is initialized because I see a Mouse pointer and hear sound that my soundcard is initialized.. Its process of booting is just normal (just like my Old HD) until it reached the blue screen with WIn XP and its logo...

Anyone,.. pls help?> :)
Is there a Win XP Pro protection when cloning a hard drive that prevents me from logging in? I just wanna upgrade from a bigger and faster HD.. I think thats not against the copyright??

Everything in my system is the same except im now booting from my new set of SATA (striped).. Why cant I proceed from logging in??

I tried going to the recovery console and did Fixmbr and also fixboot but didnt help... Whats wrong with my system?? I'm still getting the blue screen with the Windows XP and its Logo.. Mouse pointer is moving, but I cant go any further than staring that blue screen...

Pls Help..


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Windows probably doesn't have the SATA drivers for booting so at the moment it switches over from standard BIOS disk access to its own optimised drivers it crashes.

You should do a repair install and provide the SATA drivers floppy when prompted.
Here's what i found

1. I set my bios to boot from SCSI (1st boot set to SCSI 2nd and 3rd are disabled) **Old Harddisk is disconnected

RESULT-->> I end up with the blue screen with Windows XP and its logo..​

2. I set my bios to boot from SCSI (1st boot set to SCSI 2nd and 3rd are disabled) but Old Hardisk is connected this time

RESULT-->> Successful booting except getting "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close" error... but after sending the error everything's fine and stable..

QUESTION-->> Am i booting from 2 different HD at the same time??​

3. I set to my original configuration which is booting from my OLD HD (i set BIOS to boot from hd-0 and disconected SATA from my PC)

RESULT-->> I cant boot anymore to my original set up.. *My Old HD still contains Win XP which was the source when I cloned.. Im confused.. Im so dumb.. lol.. :(
4. I connected back SATA leaving my bios in booting in HD-0.. but it still boots.. hmmm.. is SATA supposed to be SCSI not HD-0??


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SATA controllers often appear as SCSI controllers. So that's not unsual.
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