HDD beeping. What's the best data recovery option?


My internal HDD failed due to a sudden power outage. I can hear beeping sounds like the motor is trying to spin the drive up and failing to do so. This drive contains all my important data ( documents, photos and videos), I'm thinking of taking it to a data recovery center, How much would it cost me for a data recovery service? I've been recommended to WeRecoverData data recovery labs by an IT person, Anyone have experience with them? Any help advice? Thanks in advance.


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Likely thousands. Hopefully in the future you will make backups of important data.

If it was killed by the power outage, you can probably fix it yourself by purchasing the exact same drive on ebay or wherever and swap the PCB.
It seems to me that the PCB isn't the problem because it has power but likely that it is trying to spin the disc inside but it can't. I would like to try to open it to find out something might have cause the disc to be stuck inside but I'm afraid I could do more damage to the drive and loss hope on recovering my data.


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Ok. There really isn't anything in the drive that can cause it to not spin. Certainly nothing that would be caused by a power outage. The inside of drives have nothing that would physically contact the platters. The read/write heads float just off of the platters and it would be impossible for those to jam the platters without something going horribly wrong - like a fall off a tall building, while the drive was running.

It is MUCH more likely that something got fried on the PCB. How do you know the drive is getting power, yet not spinning? If you mean you know the lead from the PSU has power, and the motor on the drive is no spinning... that seems to be a PCB problem because that is the only thing between the PSU and the motor.


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Try to used clone sotfware...to back up your entire HDD.. then purchase new HDD after cloning,,,