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  1. Hi, i've not posted anything on here for quite a while, which is a good thing as things must be going smoothly. However, i've recently bought a Sony HD TV and upgraded some accessories so i've connected a SKY +HD (HDMI1), a Sony Blu Ray player (HDMI 2), a Sony Dongle (HDMI 3) & a DVD/ VHS recorder Scart to AV1.

    As per my previous TV (pre-HD), i can use the dvd recorder to record from sky+ and tv but i was trying to see if their is a way to recordfrom Blu Ray?

    If it's not possible then i don't mind because it will save me hours of trying to reconfigure the settings and cables but if i can, that would be great to get some advice.

  2. LNCPapa

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    It's not easily possible - it's part of what HDCP (used for HDMI) is supposed to do - prevent playback to unapproved devices so they can't make "perfect" copies. There are ways around this, but I haven't looking into that stuff in a while and if I remember correctly it required some additional hardware.
  3. jobeard

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    with this
    you basically have
    SKY +HD (HDMI1),              ----------+
    a Sony Blu Ray player (HDMI 2),    -----+==== inputs to the HDTV
    a Sony Dongle (HDMI 3) &           -----+
    a DVD/ VHS recorder Scart to AV1     ---+
    I've place my DVD like
    setting the TV to AV1, I can see or record anything selected on the cable box. I'm sure the BlueRay could do the same

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