Heat Issues with Shuttle PC

By rodneyatvisnet
Dec 4, 2008
  1. Hi all,

    Only a new member and have never posted anything before so will see how i go. I have been asked by a mate to build some new pc's for his drafting company. The company does most of its work using autocad and many other high end design programs. The issue i have is they wanted to have the new pc's made of Shuttle cases, for example - Shuttle XPC SX48P2 E Barebone System, as the desk spaces are failry limited. They also wanted the NVIDIA Quadro FX 570 Graphics Accelerator due to it capctiy for Cad design. After many emails i have been told that the FX570 produce too much heat to be put inside a Shuttle case.

    Would anyone out there be able to give me any advice on what i should be looking for, whether a slightly bigger case or cooling sugestion or maybe a graphics card with similar specs that would produce less heat. The card also needs to be able to plug in dual Dvi.

    Would appreciate any help in this regards.

  2. Tmagic650

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    Why not place a mini-tower on the floor? Small Shuttle-like cases do not have good cooling, and the hi-end graphics cards need good cooling space, and installation room
  3. rodneyatvisnet

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    That was my first thought as well, i have not seen his office but apprently this would not be a beneficial change. But it would seem as iff that was my only choice. Unless i can find another graphics card with similar specs (doesnt have to be as fast) with dual DVi outs
  4. noorman

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    You could - if you are a bit decent on DIY - make a hole in the back of the case to put an extra fan in the rear panel to pull air out of the case.
    That might do it and you then could use the wanted card.
    Any card with some decent graphics speed will produce heat.
    The latest cards will be the coolest (see smaller chips), but they still need good cooling if you want to deliver stable and reliable systems !

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