Heatsink fan way too fast...

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Jan 11, 2005
  1. im on a 3.4 ghz prescott intel cpu not overclocked and i play NFS underground 2 for like 10 minutes and the CPU fan goes absolutely CRAZY...the CPU temp only reaches about 58-60 degrees C but the fan goes to 4400 RPM!!!! ITS TOO LOUD TO BARE...and then when i quit the game and come back to windows and the CPU temp goes down the fan doesnt slow down one bit...even if i put the comp on STANDBY it doesnt slow down one bit...im on an Epox EP-5EPA+ mobo...is there a way to control the fan speed? how is SpeedFan? all i have in the BIOS is a setting for smart adjust...all that lets me do is select a certain temp...is there a way besides getting a fan controller?
  2. zephead

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    sounds like you have a faulty sensor(s)/fan controller. replace fans with a different one. these new higher speed p4s run considerably hotter than the previous generation.
  3. Tranq

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    well it's reading the CPU temp alright...the fan just doesnt seem to want to slow down even though the CPU temp drops...it's at 45 degrees right now...usually it's at like 2700 RPM at this temp but after playing a game it doesnt want to slow down...
  4. ManyVoicesOfMe

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    just sounds like a crappy fan to me. If you save up some money to get a real nice one, you wont have to worry about noise at high RPMs and if it's a good name brand fan, then it should be more better at maintaining proper RPM.
  5. Tranq

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    hey thanks for the replies ppl...im using a program called SpeedFan..and it's maintaining my temps good at lower RPMs...it really helps my comp...and i dont beleive it's harmful considering it get sfaster automatically as the load gets higher...
  6. DamageInc73

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    Install a power fan.

    I'm running a P4 3.2e prescott and have experienced similar screaming CPU fan while playing games. I noticed that since installing an additional case fan (80mm 3-speed $9.99 at local office supply house) and plugging it into the "power fan" plug on my MB (Asus p4p800-e) the CPU fan speed decreases within about 15 seconds after I switch it to high speed (2600 rpm). Plugging it into the other accessory or case fan plugs do not yeild this effect. It doesn't seem to be because of lower case temp, because it doesn't change. It may be that the CPU fan speed controler changes to a different temp/speed curve with the addition of another fan. I'm not sure if this is normal or just a quirk of my Asus MB. My CPU fan runs about 3900-4000 rpm at 54 deg. C while playing games like Half Life 2, Saturday Night Speedway and Chronicles Of Riddick and 2700 rpm at 44 deg. C idling. MB temps of 26-27 deg. C at all times.
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