Help! Comp won't start and cnet didn't help much!

By darkpowrjd
Mar 27, 2007
  1. No hating on CNet (they're usually pretty good), but when I posted something about this issue and someone replied back to do something and then post what happened, I did so and have yet to get a reply. Ick! I thought CNet was one of the better people to go to for issues.

    Anyway, the issue itself as I posted it on CNet ( ):

    Now, the person said to strip all of this down to the bare essentials, and to try to power up then (no word on if the side fan was needed for the thing to power up). The results:

    This is when I stopped getting replies (maybe they thought I was dumb or something. This IS my first attempt at building my own PC, mind you). And the reason why I need this going ASAP: I am a frequent Final Fantasy XI player, and I have a few characters that I have been playing on for about two years now that need renewing by the end of April (or else Square Enix might perm delete my data and I would have to redo EVERYTHING). Might sound stupid, but after all the time I put into that game, I would hate to be screwed over by my inexperience at comp building. So anything at ALL would be VERY appreciated.

    By the way, a bit of additional info: Working on two HDDs, two disk drives, and one floppy drive.I have seen a decent PSU so far at a decent price at Tiger Direct, but holding out until I see if it's just something that I didn't do right because of my stupidity.
  2. honvetops

    honvetops TS Rookie

    I'm with you brother*

    First* I bought that mobo (motherboard) and all my hardware and an Aspire case too, except at newegg. I did not have 2 hd's and that much stuff. I had a much better experience getting mine going but still had snaggs. ie... I didn't have all the front case wires plugged correctly. I exhausted myself to no end with my 1st build and it was for my 16 son.
    I asked around for a week and found a lone-guy puter shop in a town next to mine who took me right in, reconnected everything, gave me his own ide cables and setup the bios for 50.00 freaking bucks!

    Get some sleep, find someone reputable in your area , call explain like I did about for your son, etc... and get some prices. If the guy is as good as mine was, he explained what "i did wrong" and you will learn from it. 1st time is the hardest, I swear once it gets cranking you'll be building another asap.
    Just food for thought, i was on a time-table though and had to get it done by xmas!

    The simple standard is- take the mobo out and place on top of it's cardboard box.
    put in one stick of ram, attach the cpu & heatsink/fan
    plug in the monitor / mouse
    plug in the psu
    say ten hail mary's << just kidding.
    turn on
    start there if you please, I couldn't anymore and let the ego- go and brought to that guy* "" JUST MY OPINION""
  3. darkpowrjd

    darkpowrjd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    First, we do have a computer place just a 7 min walk from my house so that would be interesting enough kind of easy if it's somewhat inexpensive, if I cannot get this done any other way. I'm on a strict timetable, as well, so I need this taken care of ASAP.

    I had unplugged everything but the CPU/Heatsink (I've given up trying to get that damn heatpipe off, that thing is ON THERE unless I can find someway to get it off without harming the mobo), a stick of memory, and the PWR cord in both orientations, to no avail. But I didn't take the mobo out of the tray yet (it has a weird I/O panel that I don't want to mess with if I can help it because it was a pain to get that in with that I/O panel for some reason).

    A question (maybe a dumb one but I'll ask anyway): do you have to plug in the monitor/mouse before you try to turn it on? I've so far done it without those things on there, so stupidly enough, that could've been a good reason.
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