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May 7, 2007
  1. I have just reinstalled XP on my pc after formatting due to errors i could not resolve.I am now having trouble with the graphics when i try to play a dvd in windows mediaplayer the top half of the screen plays ok and the bottom half displays different coloured stripes then the machine locks i have to shut it down to get out of this problem.The mobo is a MSI 6734 with built in graphics it has an AMD Athlon xp 2000mhz processor 512mb ram i have installed the k-lite codec pack i have been on the MSI website and used the live update then installed the graphics driver from their but I still seem to be having problems I seem to think i have the wrong graphics driver installed.Can anybody please help.
    Many Thanks
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    Yes that is the site
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  5. bernieuk1

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    Thanks for your help.Downloaded the driver from via website which was the same driver I downloaded from the MSI website but this one works a treat.Thanks once again you are a star.

    Regards Bernie
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    Install the drivers.

    XP only installs Generic till you update with the motherboard cd or
    go to the website For them.Read you MBD cd for a drivers folder.
    Their might be other critical installs to do.I hope you have one.:)
    Also read the manual(S) i hope you have.
    Right click desktop/setting to set video size etc.
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