HELP-how to partition a hot swappable External HDD

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HELP-how to partition a plug and play, hot swappable External HDD

Please help,

I recently bought a hot swappable, plug and play 160gb external hard drive and tried (learning as i went) to partition it on my mac. i managed to do so but now it is only recognised on my mac and not on the the other windows pc in the house. Is there any easy way to partition the disk so that it is still swappable between the 2 machines? :giddy:


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not sure but try MacDrive for windows, if you need to make files larger than 2gb.
mac should read write to fat32 same as xp,the limit is 2 gb files size
other wise , make 2 partions and swap and look for ext2fsx
a quick look like xp and mac read/write to this (I don't Know for sure
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Thanks for the advice Samstoned.

That mac drive is probably the best option but it only enlables partitioning of mac encoded drives. i have the drive set up now so it is plug and playable on both. If i was to format it to mac tho, it isn't recognised by pcs without mac drive 6 installed.

ideally, i need a way to partion it so that it's still plug and playable. it's a real bummer as i can't google up any way of doing this and Windows XP is no good. It does has a drive partitioner under disk management in the control panel, but it won't let me edit the portable hdd (perhaps as it is usb and not internal).

it's really frustrating, as all i want is for the thing to run quicker and be easy to defrag, etc before it gets too clogged up.
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