Help in removing CiD pop-ups needed please

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Dec 17, 2007
  1. I've noticed that some other users have had this same problem and it's really beginning to annoy me - I get a new pop up every few minutes with CiD in the top left of the window. I've tried uninstalling CiD Help in Add/Remove Programmes and installed Super Ad Blocker but a scan of my system came up clean. Also, I've noticed in a few other posts that I may need to post a HiJackThis log, how do I acquire this please?
    Any help would be gratefully appreciated!
    P.S. I'm by no means computer illiterate but I'm no good with techno-jargon, so go easy on me please
    Thank You!
  2. Blind Dragon

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  3. rich_wilson

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    I had previously used this computer for internet banking, but have just moved house and not banked online since setting up my computer on this broadband connection. When I set up yesterday (after having the computer offline for around 3 months), macafee security centre warned me that I had a trojan. I resolved this issue using macafee. My dilemma is that I'm currently completing very important uni work on this machine and don't really have the time or expertise to do a complete re-install myself, will a clean-up suffice if I haven't banked online with the trojan present?
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    Judging by your circumstances, it should be fine, assuming your McAfee was upto date during the time u used internet banking. Follow the steps to cleaning and post the required logs as well as the results of the anti-rootkit scan.
  5. rich_wilson

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    Ok, I've run the clean-up up to step 9 so far. As I said though I'm kinda busy with coursework at the minute so I'll run through steps 10-15 possibly tomorrow and post reports after that. Cheers guys
  6. momok

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    We'll be waiting for your logs 'till then. Do remember to let us know the results of the antirootkit scan.
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