Help installing new video card.

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Feb 5, 2007
  1. I have a Compaq 5320 US. Pentium 4, 512mb, 40gb.

    I have had a Geforce 3 Ti 200 in there for years.

    I recently ordered a GEforce FX500, for an upgrade. Not much I know.

    When I put in the new card, all I get is a blank screen. It fits in just like the old card, and the fan is working and everything.. And when I go to remove it, the blank screen says cable has been disconnected or whatever. So it is registering it in someway, but all I get is a black screen.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    There are 2 classes of AGP x2 and x4, or something like that, not all boards support the newer cards even though they look the same, if I remember there is a slight difference in the pin arangement on the graphics card's edge connector, it either has an extra slot or something like that.

    Take a look at the cards edge and see if it differs.

  3. wibtr

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    Here are some pics. The bigger one is the old one. [​IMG]
  4. Teaser261

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    The look the same, can you use the onboard video to see to work? You probably need to uninstall the old drivers and install the new ones and then enable the card.
  5. wibtr

    wibtr TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    What do you mean by onboard video? I used a driver cleaner to clean the drivers, then put it in. But still a black screen. Do I have to install the drivers for the new card before I physically put it in?
  6. Teaser261

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    Apperently you don't have a vga output on your motherboard. I would think you would need to be able to see what you are doing when you're installing the drivers, so I would say yes, you need to install them 1st.How old is the mobo, maybe it can't support the card in the 1st place
  7. wibtr

    wibtr TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    The PC is at least 5 years old. I heard from somebody else that the card should work without any drivers at first. Just install it, and boot it up, and generic drivers will cover for me until I install the new appropiate ones. How can I tell if I have VGA outoutput?
  8. tweakboy

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    Did you connect the molex power to video card, It needs power from PSU unlike your older geforce card, Might be dat,
  9. wibtr

    wibtr TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    molex power huh? No, I only connected the blue cable from the monitor. Just like my old one. That's all i needed for that one. This might be my problem. Is the molex the white square connector, as opposed to the smaller blue one?
  10. HSC

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    Try plugging in the old card if this works and boots to a desktop, open Device Manager and remove/uninstall the video card drivers entry, do not reboot when prompted to just shut down your PC, remove the old card and fit the new one, when it boots up to a desktop it should be in VGA mode (big chunky graphics) this is the time to install the drivers from the CD that came with your new card

    Cheers HSC
  11. wibtr

    wibtr TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    Thanks. Here is a screen shot of my device manager. Are the video drivers under "sound, video, and game controllers"? Is the Legacy video capture device the one i want to delete? here is the pic.[​IMG]
  12. HSC

    HSC TS Rookie

    Viewing your screenshot it appears that your old video card drivers have been uninstalled if they were installed they would show under the heading Display Adaptors right below the Disk Drives header

    If you now fit the new video card and get no display at all then my best guess would be you have a faulty card

    Cheers HSC
  13. wibtr

    wibtr TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    what about this molex thing that tweakboy is talking about?
  14. HSC

    HSC TS Rookie

    The molex thing is a white nylon 4 pin power connector the same type that is used by the hard drive ,if additional external power is required by your graphics card there will be a 4 pin mating connector usually in upper the rear of the card , but even without the external power supply the card would display at post the ram count ETC, or some sort of splash screen and probably a warning saying to work at full potential this graphics card requires external power

    Cheers HSC

    On the AGP slot compatibility mentioned previously there is further information here ,but if the card fits into the slot I do not think this would be a factor but have a read through it yourself

    Cheers HSC
  15. N3051M

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    not necessarily true.. my mobo just beeps at me with the video card problem code if i forget to reconnect the power to it.. depends on the board and card i suppose.

    Heres a pic of the connector discussed for those interested..

    is it blanking out when you turn on your PC? or after it POSTs and before windows? or when it attempts to load windows? do you get any unusual series of beeping?
  16. wibtr

    wibtr TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    The fan on the thing turns on, but I dont get any beep, or anything on the screen but black. Ill have to check on the blinking thing.
  17. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

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