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help installing SEAGATE SATA 120GB HDD

By wgregory87
Sep 29, 2004
  1. alright i have a s754 DFI LANPARTY mobo and antec 1080 case (with antec 430w psu).. i dont think anything else is relevant to my question so i need help with installing this hard drive.

    i have it connected via the SATA cable and the power cable.. i believe this is all i need , but when i turn on my system, it doesnt post.

    now i am quite sure the problem lies within the HDD since when i turn the computer on without the HDD hooked up, it posts

    additional info: i have 2 lights on my mobo, 1 being Standby Power LED, and 1 being DRAM Power LED. im not sure if this contributes to my problem or not
  2. theblueowl

    theblueowl TS Rookie

    Me Too

    I’m a newb to all this too and have the same problems although I am running an Abit KV7 main board with an 3200 + AMD cpu and an 80gb Deskstar ide drive with a Seagate 120gb SATA drive.
    My problem only stated a short while ago when my system would hang at the Windows stat-up screen if the SATA dive was attached but had been working previously ok without probs. All I use the SATA drive for is all my games and back ups. I am unable to run Seagates drive diagnostic facility, as I am unable to run windows with the SATA drive fitted any advise?
  3. SkippyBoy

    SkippyBoy TS Rookie

    greg, you need to install the SATA drivers when seting up windows. During the windows setup, push the F6 button to insatl the drivers. you get the drivers from your Mobo CD or you can download them from the internet. put the drivers on a floppy disk.
  4. theblueowl

    theblueowl TS Rookie

    Sata problems

    The drive is recognised by the bios but after running Seagate’s diagnostic program there seems to be some bad sectors and this is why I think windows hangs on the start screen?
    I have a IBM Deskstar 80gb ide drive as my main system drive with Win XP Pro installed which has no problems booting until I connect the Seagate 120gb drive then windows hangs as stated before.

    Is there any way of removing data from the SATA drive as it does contain files I need? Any help would be most appreciated

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