HELP! Is this normal for audigy 2 and z-680??

By Ninjamyst
Aug 22, 2003
  1. I read ALOT of reviews before I bought my logitech z-680 speakers. In all the reviews, they say that even turning the volume up half way will blow u away. Well...I jus got my z-680 and I can turn BOTH the computer volume AND speaker volume all the way up and still doesn't feel it's that loud. WHen I run the calibration with my audigy 2 soundcard, it always detects the wrong speakers....saying my Center is my front left or something like that. But when I run the test on the logitech remote control, all the speakers are correctly wired. I downloaded the latest driver from and even reformat and reinstall the soundcard on a different pci slot. Here's the spec on my computer:

    930 MHZ
    512 SDRAM
    ATI RAGE 16 MB (HAHA....need to upgrade soon)
    OEM Audigy 2 soundcard

    I am debating whether to uninstall the audigy 2 driver and soundcard and put in my old soundblaster live! value with no 5.1 support. What should I do???? Please help!
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