Help me find a hard drive, please.

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Apr 1, 2007
  1. I have a Compaq Presario S4020WM and 40 Gigs is no longer enough for me, after 4 years. I'm wanting something bigger. Compaq said it must be 5400, but I think the computer may accept 7200 RPM. They also recommend 120 GB, but I think I can have more than that. Can I? I looked at WalMart and Newegg, but can not decide on one. I'm planning to be a DJ for a radio station, so I need at least 100 Gigs, but I would like to have 200 Gigs or more. I just want to make sure I get a hard drive that will work for my computer.

    Plus, do I need to increase the wattage of the power supply? The limit is 200W, so I am not sure.


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    I have never had any problems replacing 5400 RPM drives with 7200 RPM driver. They are just a little bit faster. I had a 5 year old HP with 866MHz processor and 40GB IDE HD. I bought a 7200 RPM, 300 GB, 16 MB cache HD and put it in there just fine. Windows read the entire 300GB on one partition. I don't see why a big 7200 RPM IDE drive wouldn't work for you either. HD space is actually quite cheap now days, you should be able to find the storage space you're looking for at around $100. Here are my 2 personal favorite sites to shop PC parts, because of the nice price comparison:

    I think you need an IDE drive (or EIDE), not SATA (Serial ATA)

    I think this is your computer:

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    Thanks. Yup, thats my baby! Had it for 4 years and I'm not about to abandon it until it completely dies of old age or computer disease. LoL I have a 19" LCD monitor and the monitor that you see in the picture is used for a laptop, which is next to me. Thanks for the help!


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    Personally, the first one in the Seagate list:

    I just bought a drive myself, and the reason i chose Seagate was because a manufacturer reviewed that they bought like 40,000 drives, with NO returns. Seagate is supposed to be of the best, so i decided to trust them after reading many reviews. Plus, $90 for a 320GB / 7200 RPM / 16MB cache is an awesome deal, and 3 day shipping is included. Plus, the drive has 5 year manufacturer warranty. wow, I remember paying $120 for 80GB / 7200 RPM / 8MB cache only a couple years ago. Anyways, that would be my pick :)

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    Yeah, I was thinking that Seagate was more reliable, but I've seen the facts and reviews that Seagate is very much slower. I do not know the specs of my current hard drive to compare. Western Digital is faster, but I've seen the facts and reviews that it goes out quicker than Seagate. So, it is kinda tough to choose. Is Seagate that much slower?


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    I have EVEREST and I just found out that the hard drive I have is from Western Digital. WOW! I've read reviews that WD keep dying. I still have mine for 4 years and still no problem.

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