Help me with 5.1 surround sound?

By saami937
Jul 9, 2009
  1. Hey guys im new here and i want help ......i have audionic xboost 5.1 ch speakers it has a switch at its back on sub woofer to switch from 2.0 to 5.1 ch but it works on 2.0 and not when i turn it to 5.1 why s tht so plz help???i also have installed a 5 channel sound card with it and works fine on 2.0 switch can any1 help me guide to its wiring i think its a prblem there or how 2 plug other 2 wires in sound card cuz i tried everytthing doesnt work when i switch it to 5.1.
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    Did you try switching the sound settings in windows to 5.1? Or if it’s a creative sound card there should be a creative audio console that can use that as well. Do you have xp or vista? If its vista than you can go to Start-control panel-hardware and sound-sound then in the playback tab then click speakers one time not twice than click configure than set it to 5.1.

    One other thing you might want to know is you won’t hear anything unless you close than reopen the programs. If you were to say play an a video or some music than you were to change the audio settings to 5.1 or whatever it would just stop making sound even if you change the setting back but if you close the program than change the sound settings than reopen the program or just restart it after you set it to 5.1 it should play it in 5.1.

    Yet another thing is unless the music or video is already in 5.1 you will not only hear it from 2 of your speakers unless the speakers upmix (I think that’s the right word but I’m not sure if any speakers completely do that) or if you have a creative sound card or any other sound card that can upmix it to 5.1 but if not it will only come from those 2 speakers.

    Any of that help?
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