HELP!. My computer is rebooting when playing games (takes 10 min or so)

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Sep 22, 2003
  1. I got a huge problem. First of all, i got Windows xp. I got a 2500+ barton amd. 1024 ddr ram. geforce fx 5600.

    When i play a game the computer reboots after like 5-25 min. at first i used a geforce 4 asus 128 ram, however it had the same problem.

    i've downloaded all updates for windows, and it still dosent work. It shows a quick bluescreen before it boots (only like half a sec or so). It's impossible to read what it says.

    somebody gotta be able to help me out, it drives me insane. I even formated my computer and installed a older version of windows xp. I haven't had luck to find anything about this problem on or

    (i read about some computeres freezing inside the game, however mine just reboots)

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasee somebody help me out! :(
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    first thing you need to do is stop the computer from rebboting that way you will be able to read the details of what is causing the problem when it bluescreens.

    start/control panel/system/advanced/startup and recovery/settings under "system failure" uncheck the third box "automatically restart"

    the next time it crashes it will remain on the bluescreen and you will be able to read and copy what windows is telling you is causing the problem.
  3. Alembert

    Alembert TS Rookie

    Same problem

    I have exactly the same problem. I might add that the problem rarely occurs 2 time with the same game. I explain. I play FFXI, it crashes and reboot ( all I see is blue screen, no error message whatsoever). I go back and play again to FFXI-no problem, even if i play 5 hours in a row. But if i go play to RTCW-ET it crashes and reboot. Same with age of mythology and sofort. Never crashes in 2d application, only in 3d. Crashes with any drivers. Crashes O/C or not. Crashes with any voltage setting. I looked everywher, didnt find any solution. The seller of my videocard ( because i think that it might be the problem) gave me the finger... So i am kinda desperate

    Thanks for any help,


    Amd 2600+
    1.256 gig mem
    Radeon 9600 pro (3.9)
    gigabyte 7vaxp f14
  4. scooby

    scooby TS Rookie Posts: 19

    i have expirieced this problem on 2 pc's, my current and old pc. on my old pc i stoped the computer rebooting so i could read the message. it said it was dumping physical memory so i presumed there was an error with my memmory, it only did this in games and was after playing for 10 or so mins like you said yours was. so maybe you have memmory issues or compatability?. on my second pc i havnt got round to disabling the reboot yet as i knew what the problew was strait away :) i simply overclocked my cpu to much and it could not handle it on benchmarks :( (dont worry i put it back to norm)
  5. young&wild

    young&wild TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 993

    Have you tried the latest nVidia Display drivers?
  6. CheezHead

    CheezHead TS Rookie Posts: 35

    To Make a Long Reply short,,,With Intensive Grafics,, Think cooler.
    Memory gets hot too. Heat spreaders on the sticks should help or eliminate the dumps.

    Good luck
  7. TTW

    TTW TS Rookie Topic Starter

    actually it was the motherboard. I bought another motherboard, havent had a problem since.
  8. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    I had the same problem and it was the mobo.
  9. skyzar

    skyzar TS Rookie

    AHA! that was the same for a new motherboard...(EXACT SAME PROBLEM but with ati) then it all worked out...played happily for a week and BANG! same **** tried a different gfx (5 year old nvidia tnt card) and all applications/games worked perfect excetp slowly..hl2 19 fps -__- ...hope it doesn't happen to you :p
  10. Aleece

    Aleece TS Rookie

    The most compatable cards are nvidia with FFXI and for now i dont want to buy any new cards right now..

    I play FFXI and use ATI cards.. The cards i have are the 64mb 7200 series, 64mb 8500dv all in wonder, and a 256mb 9550 x8 AGP.. They all act the same way while playing FFXI. The reason FFXI crashes is the ati drivers dont play FFXI stable enough for long periods of time in Win XP or Win 2000.. Ive looked everywhere and tested other Oses for a fix. The only os that is stable at playing FFXI with an ati card is Win me with a few settings set.. If you install win me and update all drivers ect., turn off fast write, turn on bios shadowing, and set the AGP to x4 in the bios.. FFXI plays very good! :) 1 thing that happens is everytime you reboot winme and run FFXI you will lose FFXI screen once after being online for 1 min. What you do is log back in and thats it you can play with no crashing freezing or rebooting.. Yes win me is very outdated but all i have for now is ati cards. I figure its worth it to play with no crashes ever if all you have is an ati card to play FFXI..

    AMD 64 3000+ 1600fsb
    512DDR Ram
    ATI 256mb 9550 AGP x4/8
    xp pro/win me bios hd os switch
    Win me driver Radeon 9500 Pro/9700 Omega 2.6.37 (File version
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