By WoWPrvteSrvrGM
Jun 23, 2007
  1. HELP!! My computer will NOT turn on i need urgent help because i run a World of Warcraft Server and I run it off of my PC. Here the Thing, For about 2 weeks now, my PC will reset itself when im doing nothing, I shrugged it off because it didnt seem that important. Before this two weeks i had replaces the PSU becauseit had died ( i did the Paperclip test). With my new PSU (raidmax ATX 12v power supply) it worked pretty good despite the Resets, but it shut down once before and i couldnt get it to boot. See my PC is custom so it doesnt have a Power "button" just the Switch on the PSU. So i flip the swtch to off, then back to on and the LED's flash and the Fans do a spin but more like a "recoil" spin than anything (backwards about 1 inch then forwars 1.5 inch) then nothing. My friend came over and Tightened up the Connections and it turned on, it worked like that for about 3 days... Then a power line fell near my house and i lost power while it was on, Now its doing the same thing Lights flash, fans "recoil" I checked the PSU, Still working... I changed to my spare Video Card, and switched MOtherboards, Its still not working, Some one any one who knows how to fix this, PLZ HELP ME!
  2. Tedster

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    of course you tested the PSU with a tester and multimeter right?

    You system was also protected with an UPS right?
  3. WoWPrvteSrvrGM

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    Ya, and Ya, Still not Working!!
  4. raybay

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    Likely problems that need checking: CPU fan, power supply, dirt or hair in the cooling system of either, defective component in a pci slot, defective video graphics card, bad hard drive, or optical drive... basically anything that uses electricity or switches should be suspect.. Some infestations can be a cause, rarely.

    But we really need to know the brand, model, and age of your computer to get into details.

    If your computer has a floppy disk, try to boot to an MS-DOS or Windows 98 floppy with the hard drive and optical drives disconnected.

    With just floppy drive and memory, do the fan blades turn 1/4 to 3 turns in the power supply then quit.

    I would suspect memory, hard drive, and video graphics because they are the first victims of intensive gaming.
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