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help!! need drivers

By uhm ยท 6 replies
Aug 29, 2003
  1. alright here's the deal... i have a diamond monster 3D II video card and for the life of me i cant find any drivers for it that will work on windows XP.. i found a few, but when i try to install them, it says they arent meant for XP and to not install... i tried anyways and it showed up in the device manager as an audio device? im tired of all my games not working cuz of stupid XP ... but id at least like to get my video card to work right... so does anyone know where i can get a driver for a diamond monster 3D II video specifically for windows XP?? any help is muchly appreciated...

    and oh yeah... i know for a fact this is a diamond monster 3D II cuz i have the drivers for 95/98 on a cd that came with it... but not only did it show up as an audio device from drivers i got online, but it shows up as a voodoo 2 instead of diamond? why? dunno it that means anything but... yeah
  2. Superfly

    Superfly TS Rookie

    Ok - just had a look for u - by the way the chip in your diamond monster 3D II card is a VooDoo 2.

    there are NO windows XP drivers for this card.

    its rather old now and i could only find drivers upto win ME.

    soz m8 - u coud geta new card very cheap though??? - go buy one :)
  3. uhm

    uhm TS Rookie Topic Starter


    that sucks... but thanks for takin the time :) ... any suggestions for a good card? one that works with just about everything? only game i have that XP will run is final fantasy VII ...although i must say im impressed with how well it runs without an accelerator on XP, but nonetheless.. id like it to at least work with that.. havent been shoppin for any video accelerator cards in awhile... soo.. whats the best ones to look at?
  4. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,218

  5. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,552   +437

    If you do decide to get a new card. And thats all you play - check out our video forum, you will get lots of dudes saying buy ultra geforce 920000+ pro (ok sorry that was a bit exaggerated), but I think probably someting like a $20 geforce 2mx would suit you just fine.
  6. Hodsocks

    Hodsocks TS Guru Posts: 390

  7. uhm

    uhm TS Rookie Topic Starter

    its not that its all i play.. its all i can play with XP.. i have carmageddon 2 and NFS 3.. but neither of them work on XP...

    thanks Hod... i got one and it installed fine... if u all dont mind answering questions... reguarding FF VII... in the configuration under graphics, there are 2 pulldowns... one is "display" and the only option there is "primary display driver".. and the other is "renderer" and the only option there is "Software renderer" ... i remember under win98 with this card, the card showed up under one of these pulldowns to select it from (cant remember which one)... is there any reason why now its not showing up so i can make the game use it during play? .. hope im not askin too many questions... but ya'll seem to know what yer talkin about... figured id try askin :).. thanks again Hod
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