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Jul 31, 2003
  1. Ok so if anyone looks at the most recent thread involving the Spahhire Radeon 9500, they will see the problems that KJL, Kensa and I have been having. I downloaded and installed the new intel chipset update and my game worked fine. My joy was shortlived though. Soon during the game...I got an message that read "excpetion decteded...gathering informtion" and my computer froze or I once again got kicked out of the game...what is the deal? Is it the memory? If not then does anyone have any suggestions...I just want my computer to finally work after weeks of dealing with one thing or another. Thanks
  2. PreservedSwine

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    Lets start from the beginning:)

    Have you downloaded and Flashed your MOBO BIOS to the most current one available from your mobo manufacturer? Check for a BIOS update.

    Do you have DX9b installed as well? Might want to uninstall your video drivers and re-install one more time to be sure therre aren't any leftover components from an old driver-set. Might want to up your AGP voltage 1/10th of a volt (in BIOS to 1.6v) in case the mobo or psu isn't regulating the voltage quite right.
    I think from browsing the other threads that one member simply didn't have his chipset drivers installed, and installing them fixed his issues.
    What mobo do you have? Are you running @AGP2x, 4x, or 8x? Sometimes, 4x will solve some stability issues as well. If anything is overclocked, set it to default speeds until you are sure everything is peachy, then have some overclocking fun.

    One more thing, many folks like OMEGA'S DRIVERS. I've seen several people report that they are more stable than ATI's (not noticed this myself, as they are nothing more than a mixed bag of ATI driver-sets), but some people swear by them. Maybe give them a shot?

    Good luck:)
  3. schacker99

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    Thanks for the interest...

    I have an ABIT BH7 motherboard. We did update the Bios on the motherboard as well as flashed it...but that was before I installed the intel chipset utility that did fix my initial problem of having the game restart. But now in playing the game I get that message of "Exception" (which is in a Windows XP window) and I get kicked out of the game.

    Someone mentioned it being a memory exception...but I dunno.

    I did download DirectX9 the redistributable version and that didn't install properly. I got it from is there another site that would provide me with a better copy.

    Also I am running a video card that is capable of 8xAGP but my motherboard is 4xAGP...however, both are running at 4xAGP...I was proud of myself for thinking to check that.

  4. PreservedSwine

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    Try running microsft update, and look for DX9b among the other available updates. At least then you'll have it. I think DX9 is needed to run the most current CAT3.6 drivers, so that *might* help solve the problem....

    I checked the ABIT site, and see BIOS bersion bh715 as the latest.....
    Anyway, try upping the AGP voltage just 1/10th of a volt...

    Is anything overclcoked?

    EDIT: Just wanted to add, for alot more info, try Rage3d Look in thgeir forums. It can be a flame-fest, but there's alot of good help and info there as well
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    Please do not keep posting this same question in other forums. It will get answered in this one. You do not need to be repititous, it just gets on people's nerves. I deleted the first 3 times and let it go, but I just saw another one. Please be patient and your answer will come.
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    I apologize for seeming overanxious...since I am new to this whole posting world...I didn't know which forum my question fell under so that is why the multiple listings. I will follow proper procedure next time...thanks for the heads up.
  7. poertner_1274

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    It's not a problem, it could belong under any forum you posted it in, but it simply needs to stay in one of them, so everyone can see the advice left by others. If someone says something in one post, others might not see it when replying to you 2nd post.
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