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Help Needed with AWI 9800 TV Out.

By adawg120
Oct 15, 2003
  1. I have a ATI AIW 9800 Pro video card set up on my computer and it seems to run fine. Yesterday I tried to hook it up to my TV with the TV out using a normal RCA Video cable (Yellow) and it came up on the screen showing exactly what was show on the monitor, but that isn't the problem. The problem is when I tried to play a media file of any kind with any media program (Windows Media Player, Divx Player, Quicktime, DVD, ect.) all it showed where the video should be was a black screen. I can't figure out why it does this. Also in case it is important for this matter I have it hooked up through a vcr into the tv because the tv is old and didn't have an RCA Input.

    Can someone help me out with this problem?
  2. adawg120

    adawg120 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Update on the problem

    For some weird reason I got it to play files in windows media player on the tv (The problem was only on the tv for all the files, I can see them fine one my monitor) but I had to play around with it. It seems like when I queue up files into the player that I THINK have the one playing end with and the next one start with similar resoultions then it will play every even queue on the tv but the odd ones will be blank on the tv still. But i cant just select them on the list of queues, I have to let the odd one finish (I can ff to the end to do it quicker) and go straight into the even one.

    Also I tested it again with quicktime and it plays quicktime files on the tv perfect everytime.

    Man I just don't understand this.
  3. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +419

    I know you can't pipe DVDs through a VCR to a TV. In fact even a direct line converter (like a RCA to Coax) won't work running straight to a TV for DVD because of Macromedia protection. I can't think of a reason why divx wouldn't work though. What if you force open an mpg with quicktime, then does it play fine on the TV? If it does its something in WMP (further backed up if you can test a specific divx player other than WMP) and I'm taking a stab at this one cause I don't know if it makes logical sense to those that know more about this than I, but:
    1. open up WMP
    2. go to tools -> options -> performance
    3. in the video acceleration at the bottom click advanced, and
    4. uncheck use overlays
    5. hit ok
    6. close wmp and try again*

    *this may not be entirely necessary, but it can't hurt anything
  4. adawg120

    adawg120 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I got this answer froim another website:

    That was the problem. Now it works fine. Although I have to set the resolution to 800x600 to get it to fit in the tv screen full with out scrolling but at least now it will play all the media files.

    Thanks for the advice tho. :)
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