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Dec 27, 2005
  1. can anyone help me i was given a tower to have a look at cos the onboard graphics werent working and when i opened it to look there wasnt an agp slot the bios chip says its 1998 i take it it will be no good

    any help appreciated
  2. beerabuser30

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    What is the monitor plugged into? Just the motherboard? Can you get any visuals at all on the screen? If not have you tried a new monitor?
  3. iss

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    it may just be a case of the onboard graphics drivers being corrupted. reinstalling them may fix the problem.

    if your not sure what the graphics are download and run SIW to get the motherboard info.
  4. luvitupu

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  5. luvitupu

    luvitupu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well peeps ive cracked it i left it alone for a while but nothing to do so i thought would have another go at it it wouldnt do the post test so i thought it was the bios battery changed that no luck so i had an extra stick of ram put that in and it booted staright away when i checked the specs it said there was only 256 of ram but there was actually 512 in so its the dimm slot the ram wqas in is faulty so i took the other ram out booted it with the 256 in the other dimm slot and voila it works

    thanx for some of the replies
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