Help on IDT or SIgmaTel Audio

By nismo91
Dec 4, 2008
  1. Hi to all techspot forumers!

    well its been almost a year since my last post i guess. i've been free from massive computerised troubled these days and now is affected again so i'd like to share. :)

    basically, my 2-years-old desktop. (PC #2) it has an onboard soundcard, namely IDT Audio, formerly known as SigmaTel HD Audio. the desktop has served me well in the past 2 years, except for this afternoon it became mute.

    after a restart, somehow, there is no sound coming out. i've checked with the speakers and i 'm sure its the soundcard problem. i disabled and enabled audio in bios, it didnt help. i uninstalled audio driver and reinstalled, nothing happen.

    however, i have a clue, that it is not completely dead, because i saw :
    All jacks are connected. though i only connect the green front line.

    that's all my problem for today. i hope, someone out there might share some lights here...
    its night here, tomorrow when i have time i try to clean it up maybe there's answer to it...

    thanks for reading my long message. :)
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