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By Mayberry1
Oct 16, 2009
  1. I just installed a hard drive on my computer, all went well till it went to licsencing agreement to hit f8 then nothing, i can het esc. and it quits but f8 does nothing. what should i do
  2. Darksrb

    Darksrb TS Rookie

    Sounds to me like you don't have the drive installed correctly. Try changing the jumper setting on the harddrive to Master if it isn't already.(Only if its a IDE harddrive with a ribbon cable) Verify that your cable is pressed in tightly to the motherboard and drive.

    Try to access your computer's BIOS to see if the drive is detected. This is done by hitting Delete on the keyboard as it is posting up. Sometimes, depending on the motherboard manufacturer, its F2 or F10 for the BIOS Setup. (Mainly on ASRock and HP/Compaq Systems)

    If it really is being sticky, attach the drive to the end of the cable and choose cable select on the hard drive's jumper.

    Sorry, you provided limited information. Let me know.

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