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Mar 5, 2007
  1. while runnng an anti virus check my pc restarted itslf and now it boots up but when iclikc on my user icon it stops on the error code 0x000008e. i am now in safe mode posting this message after running various spyware virus and memory checks i have searched the internet for anything that might help but nothing seems to be revelvant i would much appreciate any help offered.
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  3. Adamdama

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    thanks for the link however it did not help that much as it did not show me how to fix it the microsoft article referenced also did not help as the resolution listed is relevant for audigy sound cards and this is not the problem in my circumstance. any other ideas? thanks

    ps how now attached minidumps so that they can be read
    again thanks
  4. cpc2004

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  5. Adamdama

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    thanks very much for your reply and references. at the risk of sounded stupid how do i use the registry hive fixer?
  6. cpc2004

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    I never have registry problem and I don't have hand on experience to clean up registry. You must have confidence to microsoft. After you download the utility and it has the document to guide you how to fix the registry problem. Refer this problem
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