HELP: windows is broken :(

By Blue Pulsar
Dec 2, 2006
  1. It started when i went to uninstall my old drivers for my old video card. I recently bought a geforce card to replace my old ati one. I installed the card last week and installed the new drivers and havnt had a problem. But i forgot to uninstall the onld ATI drivers till today. When i opened up "Add or remove software" in windows, i selected the approprate progam (wich was uninstall all ATI software) and hit the "remove" button. Then the add/remove software window froze. The rest of my computer did not. I waited a while thinking that it just had to go through its proccesses but still nothing, so i trie the ctrl+alt+del and it did nothing. I hit C+A+D a few more times and my computer stopped responding. So i had no choice but to restart my computer manually. Now it opens up and asks me if i want to start in regualr mode or safe mode, i choose Start Windows Normally, and it starts to open up then restarts my comp. I choose safe mode and then a list of files shows up and then my comp restarts.

    I dont know what to do, i let it sit there and it just loops through the process of going as far as the windows start up screen and then restarting comp (if i choose nothing when asked how to start windows.) PLZ HELP
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