Help with accessing files on external hard drive

  1. I recently had issues with a computer and needed to get a new one, but was able to save the hard drive from the old and use as an external (it had everything on it, and I didn't back it up!!!). Anyway, I purchased a Dynex external hard disc case, hooked it up to the new computer and it accesses only half of the stuff. It apepars that the things on the external that had a password to access it will now allow to me access. My computer is telling me I "do not have permission to access that file". How can I gain access to those files that I was able to access on the other computer. Its the same hard drive. Is there a way to enter the sign-on/password info so that I access the "protected" stuff. (They were really only microsoft word documents, but thousands of them, as well as digital voice files). I've already tried the "properties, Security, Owner, change ownership"....thing. Didn't work.
    Thanks , Kate

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