Help with boot up

By steelth
Jul 19, 2007
  1. Ok, i'm trying to put together a comp. with scraps,lol.I got a uwave2 motherboard , and a new case and power supply , hard drive from a newer comp. with all it's programs.When i turn on the comp. I got str8 to the screen that says start in normal, safe ,safe with prompt, safe with networking, last know safe point. I tryed safe mode, bunch of words ran bye then stopped, I tryed normal , the bar at the bottom filled all but maybe a 16th.I'm not sure what to do.Would it help if i cleaned out the harddrive and put an old windows only on it? :( Sry i'm kinda stuck being new to building comp.'s sux.
  2. Tmagic650

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    You cannot use a hard drive from another computer, without formatting it and installing the operating system fresh first
  3. Tedster

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    ditto. Windows is licensed to work and run only on 1 motherboard/configuration. It will check itself.
  4. steelth

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    Thx for the help i put the old harddrive back in the it ,Compaq came up windows ME came up then it said i needed to do some kinda promt fix? and then went blank ,"Not Knowing whatt i'm doing" I started it back up went and set it to default , now when i turn it on black and white and red colors flash, and thats it , if i it esc, a blue screen shows with like a - on a plain white rectangle and a black rectangle behind it .I got no clue where to go from here. Sry , for all the questions ,I'm just glad i found this forum. and thx for any and all help
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