Help with error/virus, i did all the steps, check HJT file

By ieatyou
Nov 29, 2007
  1. My first problem was that i kept getting a registry key error telling me to download some registry fix program. i followed all the steps in the virus/malware/ removal thread and i don't get the error anymore but i would still like someone to look over my log files. I only have two log files, the combofix and HJT logs not the avg log because that program wouldn't let me save logs (i have no idea why). Thanks for the help.

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  2. Po`Girl

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    Looks all ok to me.

    You could uninstall Viewpoint Manager from the Add/Remove programs,though.

    Also,uninstall Norton Anti virus.Download Norton Removal Tool and install AVG ant virus,instead.
  3. ieatyou

    ieatyou TS Rookie Topic Starter

    alright, thank you
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