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By jrsforums
Jun 2, 2009
  1. I would appreciate any help you guys can give me.

    I use ZoneAlarm on my system. It started with, what seem an innocuous request for internet access...if I am correct 'Services & Crontroller app'.

    Once I gave approval, Symantec AV started sprouting all kinds of notices of emai9ls being sent. I had to force the system to reboot as I could not get in and wanted to stop it.

    On reboot, I tried to have Symantec do a scan, which it would not do. I figured something had locked it up, so I paid the $$ to upgrade ZoneALarm from the free version to the virus/spyware version. This found a few things. Spybot found a whole bunch: Hupigon13; Win32.delf.uv; and SpywareInfo.trafficZ, plus other things...many of which came back avter booting.

    Then I found you "8 steps", which I have followed. Interestingly, on the first run through MalwareBytes found nothing and SuperAV found:


    Rebooted again and MalwareBytes found lots and SuperAV nothing...logs attached along with HiJack.

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