Help with Ram install

By Marxtheboss
Jan 29, 2009
  1. Hey there :D
    I want to install more Ram, I´ve looked at my ram now and it says DDR2 PC5300
    Can i install DDR2 PC6400???

    Greetings Marxtheboss :D
  2. clone

    clone TS Rookie

    just 4 help (clone)

    dudes it depends on ur mobo if it can hold d new 1 n f can hold it d mobo only chose 1 of ur memory card that will work on it better if u chose 2 buy same specs or frequency of ur memory card but buy a higher capacity or MB for example ur old 1 is 256 try to buy a 512 or 1gig capacity but the same frequency dats all dude ^_^
  3. Tedster

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