Help with setup freezing

By DancingMonkey
Feb 10, 2005
  1. I bought an AMD 64 3200 processor (socket 754) I put the entire computer together, yet when i go to install windows either windows XP or 2k, it come back saying its missing files when it starts loading its temp setup files to the computer, i know both my cds are good, as i just used them to load another machine. I have a Gigbyte GA-K8NS mobo brand new ram, the cd rom is good, as i tried it in another machine, the mobo is good as i brought it back and got another one, the hard drive is good as i put it in my other machine as well. I also checked all cables, and changed them out. The only two things i can think of is that all the hard drives ive tried in it are older styles, might i need to get Udma or Sata to work with this board, also would the processor cause this problem if it was bad? Thanks for any help :confused:
  2. zephead

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    are your copies of windows standard (non-oem) and full installs? or are they upgrades or did they come with another computer?
  3. DancingMonkey

    DancingMonkey TS Rookie Topic Starter

    They are both full installs, I work in a networking department and we get full install versions, Ive used both the win2k and XP cds since trying to install on the new machine and both times i was able to install the os's

    I know it looks like it would be a problem with the cds, but both have worked after tying to install. Could RAM cause this problem, i just bought the 512 stick, and normally when ive seen ram go bad i get a black screen at boot up and cant do anything
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