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Help with System Re-Build (New Case)

By JPShinn ยท 4 replies
Oct 21, 2006
  1. Hello All:

    I just purchased a new Zalman HD135 case in which I want install my HTPC, which had previously been working perfectly (other than a glitch or two with Vista).

    I'm now at my absolute wits' end on the install. If anyone can provide help, I would be most grateful (and a 12-pack to the first to provide the solution).

    Here's my rig prior the HD135 install (which was working perfectly):

    Generic mid-tower case
    Pentium D 930
    2 Gig of RAM (DDRII)
    Gigabyte GA-8I945GMH-RH MOBO
    Seasonic 430 PSU
    1 SATA drive running Windows Vista RC1
    1 PATA drive as storage
    Sony DVD-ROM player
    Vistiontek Video Card based on ATI 1300.

    I touched absolutely NOTHING and installed the above in the HD135 but use now a CoolerMaster 550W PSU (see earlier discussion on compatibility of my prior Seasonic PSU). I think (and still believe) I connected all of the connections appropriately and following happens upon power up:

    VFD turns on with the Zalman welcome screen
    Power light above power button comes on to a solid blue
    CPU fans turns on (CPU seems to be generating heat because the sink becomes warm pretty quickly)
    Sounds/feels like disks are spinning
    DVD-ROM has a flashing light on front
    Power seems to be going to the keyboard (I get at least a light if I turn number lock on or off)
    but . . .
    No video (neither on monitor or on tv, whether using VGA or DVI out, mobo connection or pc card connection)
    No BIOS (as best I can tell given the no video issue), no beeps
    No sound although I can plug in the desktop speakers and tell that there is a power/sound surge.
    Cannot eject the drive on the DVD-ROM.

    I tried the following remedies:
    a. Seating and un-seating RAM
    b. Clearing CMOS (both using the jumper and by removing battery)

    Still, nada, nothing, niente. I don't know if I did something wrong but my only ideas are the follwing:

    Battery is bad? Possible but I swapped out for another battery that I had lying around (don't know how good it is, however)
    MOBO is somehow fried? Cannot tell but I at least get some amount of power to both the video card and the keyboard, so unlikely?
    CPU issue? Not entirely certain but suspect not because it is generating some amount of heat and worked fine not more than 72 hours ago.
    Other issue? User error on my part? Case is bad?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated (and compensated; see above).

  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Unplug a replug everything and try it!!!!

    If no joy, strip it down to the bare essentials, mobo, psu, cpu, ram, graphics card, and power switch and see if it runs!!!!
  3. JPShinn

    JPShinn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've tried that. I finally tried removing the RAM and at least got a continuous beep noting a DRAM error. Wonder if my RAM is bad . . . .
  4. Agent Ify

    Agent Ify TS Rookie Posts: 25

    I recently had a build where the psu that I got was swiched to 225 or whatever voltage for some weird reason. Make sure its at the 150 one or whatever it is I cant remember the exact number. I was troubleshooting for hours than i realized it was that stupid swich that was preventing me from booting up
  5. sl33py

    sl33py TS Rookie

    have you tried a different monitor? Make sure it's still good. Swap in another RAM and see if it will boot. Sounds like video though... Let us know if you fixed it.


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