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May 20, 2009
  1. Hi. First, I am going to say I am not very computer savvy..but I want to give this a try.

    I have a HP A1223W desktop. I beleive the video card is out. The monitor goes to sleep as soon as I turn on my computer. I have hooked up another monitor and same thing. I have hooked my monitor up to another computer and it works just fine.

    I was going to try to replace the video card, and I went to the HP site for instructions on how to do it. The thing is, there is no video card where they say there should be one. There is the modem and then nothing in the other slot. I am guessing that that video card is intergrated with the mother I have no idea what to do from here.

    I don't really care about saving the computer, all I want off of it is my pictures I had so stupidly not backed up. If I can save the computer I would love that..but the priority are my pictures.

    Is there a way to fix this without costing an arm and a leg? If not, can I take my hard drive out and get my pics off of it somehow?

    Thanks for any answers!
  2. kimsland

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  3. greenapplegirl

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    I tried POST and it is still not making the monitor come on. I can hear and see all the fans coming on. I hear one beep when it starts up, just like it normaly does.

    Any other ideas would be appreciated.
  4. sw123

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    A similar problem happened to me once too.

    I had an older PC (Windows 98), and I was upgrading the video card. I turned it on and the screen was blank. I soon realized that the video card wasnt all the way pushed in XD

    Unless youve upgraded the video card, id guess that the video card you have is integrated with the motherboard. Does the connector to your monitor connect near the mouse and keyboard and such? or does it connect to a lower slot?

  5. AlessBauer

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    mm,, you not have external video card.
    i think what you motherboard is broken, or power supply(i think it is, because if good for you more else motherboard.)...
    change this parts not damage you photo on hard drive 8)
    you can plug PCI video card. NOT PCI-E... old PCI video card. and see whats hapen.
    if you can find it.
    this good question. very good. if you install new video card, monitor plug to new video card. integrated auto disable.
    but.. you mather board not have pci-e or agp slot.. but all may be..
    it you motherboard? [​IMG]
    one question.. [​IMG]
    its fat? one or a little from them
    As on a picture
  6. sw123

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    Umm, your not making a lot of sense with your last post there Aless.

    She should get her powersupply and motherboard looked at by a professional. BE WARNED: They probably charge money for a diagnostic
  7. snowchick7669

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    Ask them to quote on repair,

    It's what we do in our workshop (don't spend a lot of time if it's not worth a fix)

    And then give you a call when we suss it
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