HIS Radeon 4670 causes lag, screen blacks out

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Sep 28, 2009
  1. Recently, I upgraded from an Nvidia 6800 to an HIS 4670 (1gb 128bit). After reformatting my hard drive and installing the drivers, I noticed that there were lag spikes every now and then. For example, my mouse cursor would be traveling smoothly and then suddenly hit some lag and go slowly. When I right click, my whole computer would lag: if I had music playing, my music would lag as well. Also, my screen blacked out frequently. At first, the screen would dim down. Then the screen would go black (monitor and computer would still be functioning), and I would be forced to either put it on hibernate and turn it back on, or manually restart my computer. If I were to put my computer on hibernate and turn the computer back on, my screen would still sometimes black out (in the same manner as it did before). Also, Windows would take an oddly long time to load up with the 4670. My computer would be stuck on the "Windows is loading settings" screen for ten minutes (or even longer), before going to the "Welcome" screen (plus another five minutes of waiting). After getting tired of the said problems, I switched back to my old 6800. Everything works fine - no lag spikes, Windows boots up smoothly, no black screen, etc. Unfortunately, playing games lags on the Nvidia 6800 but not the Radeon 4670. Could this have been caused by a CPU bottle-neck (I have a Pentium 4 3.4 Ghz processor), an insufficient PSU, or something else?
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    My first reaction is you have either a corrutped device driver or the incorrect version. Check with the AMD Radeon and download/install the latest driver. If that doens't work, check that your system has the required specs to use that video card. It could be it's too high end for your system. If it's OK, then we'll look at other troubleshooting steps.

    -- Andy
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    I reinstalled the Radeon 4670 and installed drivers from the card manufacturer's website. It seemed to work at first, but the chronic blacking out of my monitor continued on. It would happen randomly, many times when I'm not doing anything on my computer. Here's a video of it happening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rah48RPssj4&feature=channel_page
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    Have you talke to Radeon? (I think they are now owned by AMD) Check their knowledge base for this product and see if they have a suggestion.

    The reason is this is a customer video card and the problem strikes me as being specific to this card rather than a setup/config problem.

    -- Andy
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    I hope you've uninstalled the older nVidia drivers from your PC. If not, then uninstall all present video drivers and then install the ATI HD 4670 drivers. Also, what PSU are you using?
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