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By jmmybttm
Mar 11, 2012
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  1. I have been trying to remove any leftover fragments of any antivirus i previously installed over the years. This was recommended while reading up on "access is denied" when attempting to install XP SP3. Then i noticed a McAfee icon in the Windows dir. I scanned the registry using RegSeeker's search function for McAfee and it turned up quite a few entries(44). Used the save before deleting option and then i deleted them. Did a search for McAfee with the windows search engine and it turned up a McAfee folder, which i deleted. Flushed all temp files & reloaded. Did a search again with RegSeeker for McAfee and it turned up 22 entries. I had deleted two of the entries prior to this 2nd attempt with RegEdit, in particular;
    HKEY_local_machine\software\microsoft\security center\monitoring\McAfee AntiVirus.
    HKEY_local_machine\software\microsoft\security center\monitoring\McAfee Firewall.

    Well, after deleting these two entries in regedit on 1st attempt and reloading system, they were back. Additionally, I have 14 entries in the \monitoring\ folder for various antivirus and firewalls. Is this normal? I am currently using Avast antivirus and the Security Center is set to not monitor antivirus, i am doing that. Also found remnants of Lavasoft, Spybot & Avg in the registry. AVG is clean but these 3 others keep showing entries in the registry after i supposedly remove them. Any ideas, help appreciated, thanks, jmmybttm
  2. Mark56

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    Remnants of uninstalled programs in the registry are usually fine to leave as they can do no harm. Most Anti Virus programs leave remnants behind after an uninstall and require the running of a removal tool to clean out anything left that could cause conflicts with other AV software.

    Use these for McAfee and Avg.

    AVG Removal tool
    McAfee Removal Tool

    This has links for many others: AV Removal Tools
  3. jmmybttm

    jmmybttm TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    Thanks for the advice & link. I have made several changes since last attempt at SP3 install. Gonna backup files and give it a shot again. later, jmmybttm
  4. Mark56

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    I cannot stress how important it is to have SP3 on XP. Without it you are vulnerable to infections when on-line, previous SP's are no longer supported by Microsoft so new threats that expose vulnerabilities in the OS are only dealt with for SP3.

    Please post back if SP3 will not install as there are ways to deal with a stubborn service pack installation, unfortunately a failed SP installation can be the result of an infection, but there can be other causes.

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