Hollywood stars unwittingly entrapped in pro-Russian propaganda campaign


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WTF?! Pro-Russian propaganda campaigns are nothing new, but this is the first one we've heard of that recruited Hollywood stars such as Elijah Wood without their knowledge. The actors did not know that their clips, created on platforms like Cameo, would be edited to falsely depict Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a drug addict.

Microsoft reports that since July 2023, Russia-aligned actors have been using platforms such as Cameo, where well-known (and not so well-known) individuals record personalized messages such as birthday wishes for people. In these instances, the services were utilized for propaganda purposes.

The campaign involved asking the celebs to send a message to someone called "Vladimir," pleading with him to seek help for substance abuse.

The videos were edited to include emojis, links, and overlays to make them appear as if they came directly from the stars' own social media accounts. The doctored clips were then shared across Russian social media, an attempt to push Russia's long-claimed false narrative that Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky struggles with substance abuse.

Some of the videos feature high-profile celebs. Microsoft Threat Analysis Center says it has observed seven of these since late July 2023, featuring Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), John McGinley from Scrubs, musician Shavo Odadjian, Kate Flannery (The Office), and Priscilla Presley.

Russian state-owned media outlet RIA Novosti published a story in August after McGinley's video started gaining traction, portraying the clip as genuine. "Over the past year, booze and drugs have become your best friends, I understand. The most important piece of advice I can give you in this case is that the only way out is kindness," the actor said, unaware who "Vladimir" was.

The videos were doctored to increase their legitimacy by adding the Ukrainian flag and tagging Zelensky's Instagram account, all of which made the speakers look like they were addressing Ukraine's president.

Russia has been embracing the realm of digital propaganda since it invaded Ukraine almost two years ago. Disinformation-spreading Russian bot farms are constantly being seized by Ukrainian authorities, and we've even seen pro-Russian sentiment appear in games such as Roblox, Minecraft, World of Tanks, World of Warships, Fly Corp, Armored Warfare, and War Thunder.

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I'm laughing my *** off. The Russians just scored major Coup points against the West. Check out the Native American custom of Counting Coup.

"Plains Indians had a custom known as “counting coup” in which the object was simply to touch an enemy in battle without hurting him. A special coup stick was sometimes used for this purpose, although a war club or lance or bow or even the hand itself would do. An eagle feather was awarded to the warrior for each coup."
- https://www.ya-native.com/Culture_GreatPlains/resources/countingcoup.html

And then we get the typical Leftist response. 'Mommy, it's not fair, they're hurting my feelings'. Quick, call in the Microsoft Threat Analysis Center. Shhh, Mommy will make it all better. LOL.

People in the West don't understand that Russians are extremely smart people. They have a great sense of humor. Russian media is full of anti-West satire, mostly directed at Leftists. If Westerners are so stupid that they fall for this stuff, then shame on them.

By the way, Zelensky is also well known for his humor.
Piano artistry -
Gay dancing -

I am sure this will be a calm, healthy, and productive comment section...

Actually I think it will be calm - unless goes off topic
Nothing really to debate here - it's a strategy used in ancient greek/roman times - casting slurs or disingenuous associations

It's good to know - that people use very subtle messaging - that is not OTT like this to nudge you

Eg the person on a cruise ship giving offshore advise - Now but these duty free shops are really excellent- but I find "the money Kickback" one is the one I prefer because they help get my purchases back on board / or better aircon , shorter lines - could even be something meaningless - nice photos on the wall

Also powerful is to openly lie - you can select Joan or Jett - both great - but I am now going to tell a lie - it's a complete lie , so please please disregard it - Jett stomps on little puppy heads - now as I said that is a lie - not true , don't believe me - who do you want to choose Joan or Jett ?- most people will select Joan ( because just maybe , just maybe Jett does kill puppys )
Seems silly to pay at all when there's millions of brainwashed Russians with 0 prospects that can pollute the Internet for free.
Social media strikes again.
You need a blue bubble to text and a website to leave HBD's to people.

No thanks. That's not life.
With AI...it will be even easier. By the time the sheep figure something is false, they've already taken to the streets to burn down & destroy everything.