Home Cloud + Form 1, Malware? Virus?


Im new here, I have been looking for information about 2 applications called "Home Cloud" and "Form1".
When I go to my Alt+TAB menu I can see these applications there, but I cant acces them.
Also in my Task Manager I can see both applications.
I dont know why there are running and how work these applications.
It could be something normal but since im a noob in this things I cant tell if they are not a malware or not.

Can anyone explain me what are these applications for and why their are in my PC?
Can I remove it both or they are some kind of essentials for my PC?

I got a capture of my Alt+TAB menu:
Selected one is Home Cloud, the one on the rigth is Form1.

Regards and thanks.


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I wanted to say that the problem is solved. I posted this question in 3 webs, and one user helped me on one of these. So im writing here what he said me so if anyone had the same question.

The Home Cloud is an app from GIGABYTE products:

And the Form1 is related also to GIGABYTE: (link in spanish)

Form1 = grckm.exe.

I still dont know why I cant acces this apps and cant go into their directories, but at least these are not any kind of malware or virus.

Thanks to Alfema.

Hi. I was also looking for this and on the home cloud I found a solution. As it says is a Gigabyte application, it is to remotely control the pc through mobile devices. Then I went to the Apcenter and deactivated this box.

I hope you use the information, greetings