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HoneyComb V9.0.0 TC21-B3 Rooted Rom Mod Released for COBY KYROS 7015

By tipstir
Mar 25, 2011
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  1. [ROM] HoneyComb 2.1-UPDATE1-TC21-HCV925-B7 For KYROS 7015 (All) - | 4.02.11


    Image to PC Capture

    NEW! HoneyComb TC21-HCV925-B7 For KYROS 7015 (All) - | 4.02.11
    Found Here Released 4.02.11

    What's New in B7
    Stream-line Edition Remove 15% of apps that either didn't work or just not required CM3 830 before WiFi
    Fixed Task Bar (note some task icons are not yet rendered)
    Added Translucent Task Bar so background texture can be see through it but still have the clock and status shown.
    Fixed AB Glitch so it can play smoothly
    Other things were done not mentioned

    What's New in B6!
    Fixed VMHeap so Angry Birds other games can play
    Fixed Rotation to full 360 degree
    Fixed Scrolling
    Fixed WiFi drain on Battery
    Fixed other things not mentioned here
    Removed Apps deem not needed
    Removed Flash-lite caused system freeze-ups
    Removed Slide Team Bar Task Bar caused it use too much RAM

    Results (yours may vary)
    CM3 Reports 833 without WiFi
    Android Assistant Reports RAM Free: 75MB or 83MB without HoneyComb Alarm Clock

    Prior B3 - | What's New!
    Added Additional System Tweaks Force SoC to start
    Fixed Scrolling Speed
    Fixed Fps features unknown in prior releases
    Added Pest Control so Ads, Malware, Animalware, Spyware won't appear in the default Browser
    Added Enhanced Graphics to Android Keyboard
    Fixed and issue with Google Apps in B3
    Replaced Map and Street you can always pull them down from Market
    Added FlashLite
    Replaced OSD Graphics for the Volume to match them graphic features
    Added Market Gold Plus (note once Market Updates Gold Plus will be replaced)
    Added Wireless Apps
    Added Amazon Market App
    Replaced Media Files (Music, My Videos) with Meridian Player (does the job of 3 even photos)
    Added more apps and remove those you don't need

    ToDo List
    Default Clock needs to be brought forward since it black that will released in a GUI HC Patch.

    Tablet Requirements
    Prior Build Numbers: 1.6a
    256MB of RAM
    4GB NAND Internal Storage
    16GB External Storage
    Red or Green LED Glow Charger
    Headphone Jack is Black
    HDMI Mini Port
    USB Mini Port
    7" Screen Size
    800x480 Visual Screen Size 7"
    802.11g @ 20MHz Wireless Router
    COBY Tablet KYROS 7015 or 7015A / 4GB or 8GB NAND

    Package contains 15 Wallpapers and 7 from Xoom but designed for COBY 7" .
    40 Apps (included are Rooted Apps, Non-Rooted Apps and Games) Collection Included for 2011
    Install Instructions and Credits Dues enclosed

    Video was shot showing B1 Beta 1
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,425   +112

    Updated to the latest TC21-HCV925-B7 version see first post. as of 4/2/11

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